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We got a second project шукаю паті

1 October 2019 - we launched a new site

It is designed to find friends and party
for leisure, sports, traveling, cinema, concerts, board games or more...

Want to go to a movie or a concert, but did not know with whom?
Join the site and find a
company of like-minded people, or organize your own!

Join the events on the site, or post your own,
gather the people, and go on to the adventure!

Grand opening of the site Love 3:16

April 10, 2019 - the grand opening of the site Love 3:16

Dear brothers and sisters! The site is still quite young and there are not many people here. But we will try to constantly advertise it and every day we will be more and more. You can also contribute to this by telling your friends and acquaintances who want to find their soul mate :)

May God bless you!