Privacy policy
  • We do not ask users to fill in any personal information about themselves, moreover, we strongly recommend not to do so.
  • You do not have anywhere in your profile to specify your surname, phone number, email address, links to your accounts in social networks.
  • Never tell anyone your password, even technical support.
  • All your data between you and our server is transmitted exclusively via encrypted channels. And the passwords are stored on the server in encrypted form.
  • If someone is behaving abusively or aggressively, use the "report" and/or "block" feature on the user page.
  • If you have not yet reached the age of majority, please wait until 18 years. This site was created for dating with the purpose of creating a family.
  • Leave any complaints and suggestions about the site via the feedback form.
  • We do not miss profiles that contain personal data.
  • You can delete your profile at any time.
  • Our site stores some data about the user's work in a cookie.
    What data is saved:
    • a unique account identifier, if at the entrance you ticked "remember me".
    • interface language that the user chose to display the site in the desired language on the next visit.
    • profile search parameters so that the next time you visit the search page, the user does not have to enter these parameters again.