Site rules
From administration
  • Hello! This site is created by Christians for Christians.
  • This resource is intended for Christians to meet in order to create a family.
  • We hope that you can find your happiness from the Lord here!
  • This site is absolutely free. There are no premium accounts or paid features.
  • All the functionality of the site is available to absolutely everyone equally.
  • However, We want to say that the site is hosted on a paid hosting.
    Therefore, we ask you not to disable advertising on the site using browser extensions such as AdBlock, etc.
    Display advertising will allow to partially cover the cost of maintaining the site, paying for hosting and domain.
    Thank you for understanding :)
  • Also, if you have a desire, you can donate funds to develop and maintain the site in the "Donations"
  • Leave any complaints and suggestions about the site via the feedback form.
    And also if you have found any errors or mistakes, write to us about it.
    Your opinion is very important to us!
  • We wish you success in finding the second half and God bless you!
Profile Verification
  • All forms are carefully checked by the administration.
  • Only those profiles are checked that:
    • confirmed mail.
    • uploaded at least one photo.
    • fill out a profile.
  • Only after checking the profile, it becomes available for search and viewing by other users of the site.
  • Administration may reject the profile if it does not meet the requirements of these rules.
  • After changing the profile (whether adding photos or changing the data entered in the profile), your profile disappears from the search and is automatically submitted to the administration for review.
  • Administration doesn’t check profiles that were changed less than 15 minutes ago.
  • We recommend that you carefully consider filling out the profile so as not to wait for the check after each change.
Recommendations for filling out the profile
  • Take the responsibility to complete the profile. The more you fill out the profile, the more attractive it will be.
  • We recommend filling out all the fields without exception in order for other users to have a better idea about you.
  • For your own security, do not provide personal information by which you can be identified, namely:
    • Surname.
    • Phone Number.
    • Email address.
    • Service contacts: Skype, Telegram, Viber and others.
    • Links to your social media accounts.
  • Profiles containing any contact information will be rejected by the administration during the check.
Photo Requirements
  • Your face should be clearly visible in the photos.
  • Photos should not be for children.
  • There should be no other people in the photos other than you (unless other people are somewhere far away in the background).
  • It is forbidden to use:
    • Pictures that are not related to the dating site (photos of animals, cars, nature, jokes, etc.)
    • Photos that may offend other users or be regarded as pornography, debauchery, calls for violence, racism, chauvinism, etc.
    • Photos containing any sexual overtones, with nude parts, including photos in swimsuits, from the gym, etc.
    • Collective photos with friends or employees.
About Security
  • Do not enter personal data in your profile.
  • Make sure you aren’t able to find you on social networks by entering data from a profile.
  • Do not rush to meet outside the network. Talk two or three weeks to see if you should meet with this person.
  • It would also be a good idea to chat via video, such as Skype.
  • Schedule face-to-face meetings in public.
  • Do not be left alone, at a later time of day, where there are no other people.
  • Avoid communication with users who insist to meet you as soon as possible, and even more so if they insist on meeting in private or asking for money.
  • Tell us about users with inappropriate behavior using the "Report" feature on the user’s page.
After you have confirmed your email, uploaded photos, filled out a profile and the administration approved your profile, the following sections become available to you:
  • Search - here you can search for profiles on the site according to specified criteria (gender, age, country, region, city, etc.)
  • Messages - chat for communication where you can exchange messages with your interlocutor.
  • Favourites - add profiles of people to your favorites to make it easier to find and not lose.